When do Airedales calm down? 5 proven tips to bring down their energy

When do Airedales calm down

Airedale Terriers tend to have a dignified presence about them, known as kings of Terriers, they are in fact the largest of the Terrier breeds.

Looks can be deceptive though, they have high energy and need a lot of exercise, they’re playful and need a lot of space, apartment dwellers should be aware of this before they adopt one.

Their energy especially as puppies can be too much to handle for new pet parents or people with full-time jobs.

Airedales tend to calm down as they age, generally, by the age of 2 years, but they still need plenty of exercise and space to keep their energy level under control at home.

It is hard to keep up with Airedale Terriers in the first months, their energy is just overwhelming for non-active owners and first-time pet parents.

However, if you do manage to meet their physical needs and provide enough space, preferably a yard, and multiple play sessions a day you can be assured it’s going to be entertaining.

They can be great dogs for large families and they enjoy the company of kids and interactive games, they thrive with active owners that have plenty of space, those who live in a wilderness area where they can walk them with no leash.

Dog owners that have full-time jobs and those who don’t have enough space can find it challenging to keep up with the Airedales.

Airedale Terriers were originally bred to hunt vermin, so not only are they energetic they are also perseverent, stubborn, and intelligent, which is generally the case for dogs that were bred for jobs.

The Airedale’s personality can at times be frustrating and even shocking for inexperienced pet owners trying to train one.

Are Airedale Terriers hyper?

Airedale Terriers are high-energy dogs that are always ready and waiting for action.

Originally bred to perform canine jobs such as hunting vermin, retrieving game for hunters, or herding livestock, they have enough energy for a full day’s work.

Mental stimulation and vigorous exercise sessions are essential for this thinking breed, and they’re more likely to spend time playing, jumping, and investigating any new sights and smells.

Airedales do tend to get bored easily and can not be left alone for a long time especially as puppies, and they’re not easy to crate train.

So how can you calm down an Airedale Terrier?

Plenty of exercise

Exercise an Airedal Terrier

Airedale Terriers need a lot of exercise, the regular walk with a leash around the block is just not going to cut it, you’ll need to be prepared for more.

If you’re a jogger or have a bicycle don’t be afraid to take your Airedale puppy for a long run, they can handle it and will enjoy it.

A good game of fetch is always an efficient way to get your dog’s energy depleted, while not doing too much yourself.

Fetch is a great game for dogs because it includes you and it helps them calm down and patiently wait for you to through the ball again.

It’s always better if possible to exercise your dog early in the morning, this way you can enjoy the rest of the day with a more content and calmer Airedale puppy.

Mental challenges

Dogs that are intelligent and need jobs to thrive really enjoy puzzle games and obstacle courses, they can exercise their body and at the same time solve problems.

Puzzle games (check on Amazon) like food puzzles are great for boredom and solo activities, it will keep your dog distracted for a while working on getting his favorite treats.

These are entertaining for Airdale Terriers, they keep them calm and channel their energy on something they like instead of barking and jumping around you.

Tunnel and agility games are also great for Airedales, they love a challenge and will be surprisingly cooperative while playing.

You don’t need a professional training set, Obstacle course equipment (check on Amazon) is very affordable and easy to move around and will help a lot in calming your Airedale puppy.

Get your Airedale a job

There is nothing better for an Airedale Terrier that was bred for a job than to give him an actual job, of course, most of us don’t have sheep for herding and won’t pick up hunting for the sake of calming down an Airedale.

Small easy tasks could be a great alternative, something as simple as carrying a dog backpack during walks qualifies as a job and your Airedale will take it seriously.

You can have your Airedale carry a dog backpack, and fill it with his dog poop bags and toys when going to the park, they can carry up to 10% of their weight with no worries.

Make sure when choosing a dog backpack to get a good quality pack with multiple adjustment points and doesn’t get in the way of the dog while walking.

Engage Their Nose

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, and they were bred to use it for hunting and different tasks, engaging their nose will give them a sense of purpose that will calm them down.

There are many ways you can do that, a simple way is to scatter treats around and let your Airedale look for his hidden treasures.

Making your Airedale work for his treats is fun for them, you can use really anything you have at your home, an empty toilet roll core can be a great treat dispenser.

Fold it from the sides and fill it with some high-value treats and let your Airedale puppy rip his way through it while monitoring and gently removing any discarded pieces of cardboard although not a real safety concern.

Use a playpen instead of a crate

Airedale Terriers do get bored easily, that’s why they don’t really handle being left alone for too long very well.

Crate training an Airedale is a challenge, especially during the day, that’s why it might be a good idea to explore alternatives.

The playpen is different from the crate, each has its job but for Airedales, it’s a great way to provide them with extra space and to install toys and gadgets that will keep them busy and entertained.

The larger the playpen you can provide the better, just make sure it’s large enough to keep an Airedale inside, they love to jump and will try for sure.

The best way to keep your puppy entertained and calm in the playpen is to exercise before going in there, this way you’ve already depleted some of that energy.

Install chew toys and food puzzles like the kong for entertainment they can keep them busy for a while.

Signs that an Airedales are calming down with age

Airedale Terriers puppies indeed calm down as they age and usually by the age of two years they are way more relaxed (compared to what they used to be), but you can start to notice the change as early as 15 months of age.

So what are the signs that your Airedale puppy is getting wise and calm?

  • They become less and less agitated, the whole jumping and barking rituals tend to calm down a bit, they get more patient while waiting for you to do something, instead of overwhelming you with the jump and grab attitude.
  • They are less interested in investigating any new movements or smells and start to develop a daily routine.
  • They don’t mind spending some time alone, not much but it’s a positive change, the crate doesn’t seem so bad after all if they get enough exercise.

The main keyword here is “less”, so don’t get your hopes too high, Airedales are very energetic dogs and will stay that way compared to other breeds, but after they turn 2 years old they do calm down a bit.

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    I have had Scotties for 40 years and am use to their hijinks. I am still in good shape but not a Spring Chicken. There are some adorable Airedale pups at a breeder near me and Scotties are getting hard to find. I have also been “following” Airedales because I am attracted to the breed. Is this a good match for a Scottie owner who does not have Scotties right now?>

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